Welcome to Sascha Nowak’s Guitar Building in Freiburg

Over 35 years of hand built classical and flamenco guitars
 with a wide selection of models, scale lengths and variants crafted precisely to suit individual tastes and requirements.


35th Anniversary Special Edition


Taracea Meets Guitar



Particular thanks for the generous help of my friends in realizing the film.
By courtesy of Beata Bedkowska-Huang and Dr. Robert Jaroslawski.

Concept and Philosophy

My education and inspiration lies rooted in the southern Spanish guitar building tradition, whose methodological refinement, artistic beauty and malleable sound has always fascinated me.

The strength and power of modern instruments built using innovative techniques also impresses greatly. For the past 10 years I have been building „Double Top“ guitars because they offer outstanding additions to the palette of possibilities of the modern classical guitar.

Guitars of different building methods differ greatly in sound and use. This can be clearly heard in the fundamental characteristics such as loudness, evenness, projection and tone colour.
The same instrument can sound very different depending on the player, string selection and room acoustic. Futhermore everyone perceives sound individually.

When choosing a guitar, in the end you have to rely on your personal experience. Please feel free to visit my shop and try for yourself.

„Music is the Universal Language of Mankind“ –
Sascha Nowak - Luthier